No Pain... BIG Gains

Sport-specific Pilates Training provides core conditioning, flexibility, agility, strength and stability while preventing over-use injuries. Pilates aims to create balance in opposing muscles groups at each joint while restoring proper neuromuscular firing patterns for more efficient movement. Improved posture and efficiency of movement translate to better results on the field, court, or green. Pilates is the tool for the Pros and is available to you through our Aspire Performance program.    Read More...

Schedule your FREE Athletic Consultation Today!

We know that your time is valuable and your focus is on improving your sport performance. That is why we offer a FREE 30 Minute Athletic Consultation for all potential clients. Allow us to put you on the equipment and take you through some fundamental exercises that will allow you to feel the difference that Pilates provides. We will discuss your goals and together create a plan to start improving your sport performance without hindering any of your other training. Call us today at (801) 302-5720 to schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation.

Team Training

Specific sessions can be designed for teams of 4 or more for cost effective training.

Private Training

Your Athletic Performance program is designed specifically for your sport, your goals, and your performance!

Post Injury Conditioning

Pilates isn't just a critical component of an athlete's training program, it is a valuable method of rehabilitation for the injured athlete.